Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods Closed the Gap in Her Teeth After Saying She Would 'Not' Fix It to 'Blend In'

Jordyn Woods just changed one of her most famous facial features.

Fans quickly noticed that the 21-year-old SECNDNTURE designer, curve model and BFF to Kylie Jenner looked totally different in a beautiful new Instagram photo where Woods smiled prominently to reveal that the gap between her two front teeth (which she’s become known for) had been closed.

Woods didn’t caption the photo, but simply tagged Los Angeles-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Kam Kamangar to seemingly confirm she visited him for the procedure.

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“Love the closed gap! Looking super classy,” one fan wrote in the comments on Instagram. But some fans were upset to see Woods straighten her teeth after publicly defending her look and announcing she would never alter them.

“Today on set.. often people have the nerve to say fix your teeth… for your information. No I will not fix my gap to blend in with the rest of society! My gap makes me who I am. Your individuality is one of your special powers in this generation where everyone’s trying to fit in and keep up. ?,” Woods wrote on Instagram in June 2017.

She’s also proudly posted other photos of her teeth on social media writing, “I love my gap.”

But towards the beginning of 2018, some fans started noticing changes in the model’s teeth, but she assured she was keeping the gap.

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“No I’m keeeping it!! Just straightening some of my teeth,” Woods said after one fan thought she noticed the star’s gap closing.

Woods has been a longtime advocate for body positivity and has spoken out about not wanting to be labeled as a “plus size” model.

“I feel like when you categorize people and put them into a group, then it creates aloneness and segregation,” she told E!. “There are so many models that it shouldn’t really matter. I don’t think there should be categories.”

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