Khloe Kardashian's 'militant' parenting style & how she worries about the impact on daughter True – but should she? | The Sun

KHLOE Kardashian follows a "militant" parenting style with four-year-old daughter True Thompson, an expert has revealed.

But the mom-of-one has her own worries about the impact of being so strict – so does she have reason to?

Mom-of-two and parenting expert Kirsty Ketley previously told The Sun US how Kim's 'koala parenting' style was to blame for her kids' 'obnoxious behaviour'.

Meanwhile, she also revealed how sister Kylie Jenner's ‘self-discipline’ parenting lets Stormi pick her bedtime and if it is as bad as it sounds.

And she explained how Kourtney Kardashian’s ‘attachment parenting’ style caused issues in her relationship with Scott Disick.

Now she's done a deep dive into Khloe's method, and shares her thoughts exclusively with The US Sun…

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Khloe Kardashian, 38, is the baby of the OG Kardashian sisters.

Although there is no doubt that the Kardashian siblings are close, when it comes to parenting, they all have their own style.

While Kim professes to be a Koala Mom and Kourtney follows the Attachment Parenting method, Khloe claims to be a “militant” mom to True.

She previously told Ellen DeGeneres: “I am really strict. I’m very militant with how I parent True. I believe a schedule saves everything.”

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Khloe added: “I am incredibly clean and organized, I like everything in its place. I am very regimented.” 

But is running such a tight ship like Khloe a good thing? Here’s everything you need to know about kids and schedules.

Kids thrive on routine and having them in place is no bad thing.

Routines help give kids a sense of security and help to develop self-discipline.

They help children sleep better, cooperate more and, importantly, they can be adaptive. Generally speaking, all kids should have structured routines in their life.

Having a good daily routine, for instance, is a useful thing.

While change is a learning opportunity, it can also be stressful for children.

Having a routine helps keep some consistency and comfort to a child’s life, which Khloe seems to have down to a tee. 

 A good daily routine might be:

  • A set time for getting ready in the morning
  • Mealtimes, nap times, bath times and bedtimes all happening around the same time of day
  • Set time for play 

Having a good schedule in place helps everyone know when and what is happening.

It also helps keep the day less chaotic – definitely something to avoid. 

How these are implemented though, should be individual to you and your family.

Children are all different, something Khloe and her sisters seem to respect.

“There are always challenges to raising kids, but I am fortunate to have such a strong family support group,” Khloe said while talking to Australian magazine Gritty Pretty.

“We know that we have individual families and don’t like to give out a lot of advice, unless it’s solicited. We never mom-shame. We hate a shamer.” 

It’s not just the kids who benefit from a schedule though, parents do too.

They can help parents feel more organised and in control, as Khloe as suggested she feels, and help you feel better about yourself as a parent –  there's no forgotten packed lunches or appointments to feel guilty about.

What Khloe’s exact routine for True looks like is not clear, but one thing we do know is that she makes sure that quality time with her daughter is scheduled in each day. 

She told Gritty Pretty: “My days can get busy with conference calls, so I always make sure that True and I spend quality time together in the morning and we will always have dinner together before we do her bedtime routine.”

Having dinner together is not only a great way to connect and talk about your child’s day, but it can help your child be less picky at eating.

If it is not possible for you to eat with the kids every night, trying to fit it in at least twice a week is a great idea.

Khloe has rightly pointed out that sometimes, parents need to loosen up and let the rules go.

She will let True watch YouTube videos when they are dining out for instance, to avoid other diners having “to hear her freak out.”

But along with being flexible it’s important to remember that a big part of growing up is learning how to tackle new challenges, which go beyond predetermined routines.

I’m very regimented and I don’t want that for True. I feel bad that she has so much of that so young, but every toy has to be put back exactly where she got it from

Children who spend less time in structured activities like playing independently, for instance, grow up to be better at decision-making. They also find planning and multitasking much easier.

So while having planned activities can be good for a child, a balance is needed.

Khloe has admitted that she worries about her daughter inheriting her strict ways though.

“I’m very regimented and I don’t want that for True, but she already has so much of that,” she previously said.

“I feel bad that she has so much of that so young, but every toy has to be put back exactly where she got it from.”

But I don't think she needs to worry; while we don't want kids to feel anxious about stuff like this, having good toy organisation is actually no bad thing.

Removing clutter allows kids to play better independently, whichin turn strengthens their imagination.

It also means kids are less overwhelmed. And as they grow, they will be much more organized, taking the pressure away from the parents.

All-in all, a schedule is a must, as long as there is room for flexibility and the rules and boundaries are fair. And importantly, it feels like it is working.

Kirsty Ketley, 41 from Surrey, UK, is a parenting consultant at Auntie K's Childcare and mom to Ella, nine, and Leo, five.

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