Kate’s ‘perfect solution’ to tiara row

Prince William and Kate arrive at coronation with children

Princess Kate dazzled crowds at King Charles’s Coronation wearing a beautiful floral gown, but has also touched hearts by paying tribute to her mother-in-law Princess Diana.

Kate arrived smiling at Westminister Abbey alongside her husband Prince William in red-and-blue traditional Coronation robes, but hidden underneath it could be spotted an elegant silk gown with a floral headpiece that matched Princess Charlotte’s headband.

It has now been explained by a fashion expert that Kate has paid a special remembrance to her the late Princess Diana with her jewellery.

Miranda Holder is a stylist who has experience finding the details and meaning in royal fashion on both her TikTok and Instagram pages at @TheMirandaHolder.

Miranda said: “For me, this look was all about the accessories. Kate chose to remember her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana by wearing her pearl drop earrings in a sweet gesture.”

The south sea diamond and pearl earrings were given to Princess Diana before her wedding to King Charles in 1981.

However, the beautiful earrings were not the only spectacular piece of jewellery the Princess chose to wear for this royal occasion.

Miranda said: “[Kate] crowned her look with a stunning halo of sparkling silver leaves – a bespoke headdress designed by Alexander McQueen in collaboration with milliner Jess Collet, which made the perfect, cost-conscious compromise to a tiara.”

Kate had swept her hair into a bun and laid onto her tight curls with a floral diamond headpiece, which matched her silk gown that had been embroidered with all of the UK’s flower symbolisms, such as the English rose, the Scottish thistle, the Irish shamrock and the Welsh daffodil.

However, Miranda has pointed out that the Princess of Wales’s beautiful headpiece has also showcased what type of Queen she will be in the future.

Miranda said: “Thanks to this striking accessory she stood out among her peers, wearing her own crown of sorts, befitting for our one-day future Monarch.

“After much speculation as to whether the Princess would wear an ostentatious tiara, a decision which would have been inevitably criticized given that we are in the midst of a cost of living crisis.”

Miranda said the floral headpiece was the “perfect less-controversial solution” and showed how the Princess was sympathetic to current issues the public cared about.

She said: “[The headpiece] positioned Kate as a cost and environmentally-conscious member of the firm – values which are doubtlessly highly important to the general public today and are also held dear to our newly-crowned Monarch Charles himself.

This beautiful dress may also be a touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth, who requested that her Coronation dress in 1953 be embossed with both the UK and all the Commonwealth plants so that all the countries she was the monarch of would be represented.

The designer of Queen Elizabeth’s dress, Norman Hartnell, wrote in his autobiography that Her Majesty was “wise” for this decision, emblems such as the Canadian maple leaf, the New Zealand silver fern, and the Indian lotus flower were also embodied in the historic gown.

Miranda added: “Kate’s Coronation look has been much anticipated, and although this wasn’t her moment to shine at Westminster Abbey, she stood out from the crowd looking regal and elegant in her Alexander McQueen gown featuring rose, thistle, shamrock, and a daffodil, the emblems of the UK.”

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