Karl Lagerfeld’s Wittiest, Most Iconic, and Most Outrageous Quotes of All Time

Karl Lagerfeld was one of a kind in every facet of life. Inimitable, witty, and often outrageous, the designer’s legacy spanned well beyond the exquisite collections he created for the world’s top fashion houses. With quips like, “sweatpants are a sign of defeat,” and “trendy is the last stage before tacky,” Lagerfeld became just as known for his outspoken opinions as his designs over the years.

As the fashion world mourns the loss of an icon, we’re taking a look back at his most memorable quotes of all time. The genius, the cheeky, and the oh, so Karl.

On fashion and style:

On his own persona:

On luxury:

On humor:

On good conversation:

On the importance of looking your best at all times:

On spending money:

On beauty:

On selfies:

On moving forward:

On his legacy:

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