Jennifer Lawrence’s Facialist Georgia Louise’s Best Skincare Tips

Skin comes from within! Celebrity-loved esthetician Georgia Louise sat down with Stylish on Thursday, February 21, at the La Mer Opens a New Window. luxury gifting suite at The Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills to celebrate the brand’s Concentrate Opens a New Window. product.

Louise, the go-to facialist amongst A-listers including Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lawrence, Emilia Clarke, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, Sandra  Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Amy Schumer, Kate Beckinsale and more, shared her skincare secrets with Us and dished on how you can get your best skin (even in the comfort of your home).

One of her favorite clients to work on? “Jennifer Lawrence is insanely beautiful and her skin is like glass,” she said. 

And to work with Hollywood royalty, Louise has borrowed some tips from the Royals themselves.

“I love how when princesses were young, they were brought up to carry a basket with their 11 skincare steps and would sit with their moms and take it so seriously. That way it became a nightly ritual and part of their DNA,” she said.

While not everyone can be a Queen or leading lady, Louise believes everyone can and should carve out some time for some self-care. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom or a student or a celebrity. Everyone is a VIP in my book and I want them to feel special and amazing.”

Even though her clients all have various goals in mind when it comes to skincare (the top three are hydration, a lifted look, or a brighter gleam to the skin) Louise believes everyone has 5 minutes every day to reach their desires. 

The La Mer Global Skincare Advisor explained why making your skin a priority is almost as important as what you’re putting onto it and shared her tried and true products too. Scroll through to read her insights.

Make Your Skin a Priority

“Spend time on your skin,” Louise said. “When you apply products, spend time doing it and make it a ritual. It shouldn’t just be about product application. When you use a product, it should also be about the feeling that it brings to you too,” she explained. “Take a minute to take it all in and experience the moment. You can warm a product in your hand  then put it on your skin, smell it, take a breath and meditate.”

Credit: La Mer

Use Quality Products

Once you’ve decided to put effort into your routine, the next step is all about what you’re putting onto your skin. Her top product picks? “I love La Mer’s Concentrate Opens a New Window. because it’s results driven and really works. Sometimes my clients have irritation or are a little dry and it works on all different skin types and in different conditions. It’s very healing and super energizing,” she told Stylish. “I also really like my Hydra Repair Elixir Opens a New Window. which is filled with hyaluronic acid, my Vital Finishing Serum Opens a New Window. before makeup and my Lift and Sculpt Butterly Stone Opens a New Window. .”


Credit: La Mer

Give Yourself a Massage

After you’ve discovered the go-to products that work for you, Louise says massaging them into your face is key. “Massaging the skin helps with de-puffing can help to prevent aging and restore your youth,” she said. “We spend so much time using expressions: we smile or we squint when we’re angry or frustrated, so when you massage yourself at the end of the night for the golden number of5 minutes, it really helps soften those muscles,” the beauty guru added. “It’s like doing yoga or pilates. You start to elongate the muscles and relax and once your muscles are more relaxed, your face looks more relaxed.”

Credit: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Use a Nightly Moisturizer That Works For You

“I think everyone should gravitate to using a nightly moisturizer,” she dished. “I’ve always believed in using oil on myself and my mom gave me my first oil when I was 11. I like for people to try and layer products on and be their own alchemist.”

Sleep On Something Soft

Now that your products are massaged in, it’s about keeping them there. “I always tell people to sleep with a silk pillow case because the absorption is way less than a cotton pillowcase and if you’re using good products, you want them to last and sink in,” she said.

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