Jan Černý Captures Lockdown Creativity in SS21 "ROMANTIC ERA 2021+" Collection

Emerging Czech designer Jan Černý has presented his Spring/Summer 2021 collection, “ROMANTIC ERA 2021+.” In this, the ex-Louis Vuitton design team member presents his largest collection to date, with many garments being a full 360-degree experience for the designer and the wearer.

For example, an oversized work jacket is covered in what seems to be red and blue smudges. However, upon closer inspection — something which Černý encourages with his message superimposed onto the lookbook images — you’ll notice that the smudges are indeed flowers. This picture was taken by Černý during the lockdown and is reinterpreted in vivid colors, intentionally un-focused to challenge our imagination to see beyond our initial thought. Throughout “ROMANTIC ERA 2021+” we see nods to the idea of looking closer, as microscopes appear frequently alongside other symbolism, such as the embroidered iris flowers — which is Černý’s favorite.

Speaking on his largest body of work to date, the designer said:

“2020 is the beginning of a new romantic era for me. I see it as reliving the history. In [the] nineteenth-century, midst classicism — under the domination of reason and education — suddenly arrives romanticism. The desire to return to the roots, to nature and all things core. Finding out, that reason alone is not happiness. I feel we are experiencing it again today. The young generation is once again gravitating towards nature escapes, heading to the cottage for the weekend, experiencing adventurous trips. At one point, I am sure we will deviate away from technology, to experience and discover nature more intensively.”

There are a number of standout pieces in this collection. Alongside fishing hats that reference the banks of the Vltava where the open-to-public show took place, strict black suits that comment on societal obligations and city life, as well as the overall theme of democratizing fashion, comes a bleached black trench coat that looks as if a sun-leaked picture adorns its base. This is joined by a huge pastel-toned shirt, a full pink ensemble that taps into workwear aesthetics, a blue-and-pink bleached wide-placket shirt, giant scarfs, and more.

Additionally, Černý has teamed up with Prestige for three new sneaker offerings — the same collaboration that Virgil Abloh once praised during his internship at Louis Vuitton — as well as 14gram Jewels for a range of bracelets and necklaces. Lastly, more jewelry such as a double signet ring has been co-developed with Ondřej Stára for the seasonal collection.

Check out Jan Černý’s SS21 “ROMANTIC ERA 2021+” collection in the gallery above, and find out more about the designer on his website — where you can shop previous collections now.

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