Jacquemus just channelled this TikTok-approved aesthetic in the best possible way

Written by Naomi May

Blackpink’s Jennie, Sza and Daniel Caesar graced the beachside front row at Jacquemus’ off-schedule spring/summer 2022 show.

Despite torrential rain and guests having to huddle under black umbrellas, Jacquemus’ spring/summer 2022 show yesterday proved another triumphant success for the French label.

The show, titled Le Splash, was held on an azure blue ad-hoc runway on Moli’i Gardens beach just north of Oahu and was brimming with all of the signature touches the realm of fashion has come to know and love from the brand: silhouettes were form-fitting and wearable, accessories were clickbait fodder and colours were bright and effusive.

Jacquemus unveiled its spring/summer 2022 collection on the beach in Hawaii.

Despite facing criticism for hosting the show in a former colony, the label created the collection with the local community at its heart. Every model was local to the Pacific region and so too was the entire production team. Only a handful of Jacquemus’ European staff traveled to the island and only guests from the Pacific region and mainland United States were invited. 

BlackPink’s Jennie flew in especially for the beachside show.

Given the beachy aesthetic of the beach-front show, it’s hard not to draw comparisons between Le Splash and TikTok’s current love-in with the “coconut girl” aesthetic. 

Daniel Caesar and Sza were among the guests of Jacquemus’ spring/summer 2022 show.

TikTok’s coconut girl is a tousle-haired, glowy-skinned, hibiscus-flowered semi-mermaid, somebody for whom wearing shell jewellery and fluid wares is just a part of her daily identity. Think Aquamarine, but make it fashion.

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