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A WOMAN has shared some home décor tips she learnt from an interior designer but not everyone is a fan. 

Valerie Chapman shared her interior tips in a TikTok video online.

Valerie said: "Home decor things that I learned from my boyfriend's mum, who's an interior designer."

She said: “So this one thing I learned is that when you have a coffee table, it should be centred with the arm of the couch.”

She continued: “So it shouldn't be all the way back or all the way forward. It should be perfectly centred.”

This will give your living room a more clean and organised feel. 

It also means that your cup of tea will be right where you need it when you need it. 

Valerie says every bathroom needs a small white cloth. 

She said: “So the next thing I learned is to have a little white towel folded up in the bathroom.”

“So I bought a bunch of these from Amazon, and I keep them in my drawer in here, and then when they're dirty, I just put them in the laundry.”

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Valerie’s mother in law says to throw away useless kitchen utensils.

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She said: “So I was just on the phone with her, and she was like, you need to declutter, like, the drawers in the kitchen.”

“So we went through and emptied about half of the stuff in here.”

“You only want utensils that you actually use and that are good quality.”

And for her final tip, how to make your pillows look like they do on design sets. 

Valeria said: “You want to make sure that the seam of the pillow that's right there.”

“You want to make sure that that's on the bottom at all times.”

She continues: “And, of course, you have to puff. You have to fluff. You have to puff, you have to pillow it.”

Valerie’s boyfriend then demonstrated the proper way to fluff your pillow, with the signature karate hand chop.

Valerie's video went viral with over 2.7 million views, but not everyone was a fan of her tips. 

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One user said: “I am an interior designer and the pillow karate chop just isn't for me.”

Another said: “I feel like these are all her opinions and not interior design go-to’s and also just generally organisational?”

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