I’ve saved over £2k on food shopping, here are my tricks to help YOU bag meals for just 67p

A SAVVY shopper, who usually manages to bag a 70% discount on his food shop, shared his tricks so you can save thousands on groceries, just like him.

Adam Attew, 32, has used his sharp eye to bag more than £2,000 of savings using free food bags, samples and yellow stickers.

The Stratford retail sales assistant explained that his parents always used to bring back discount food from ASDA with a yellow sticker as they would wait till later in the evening to bag items reduced to 10p-50p.

He explained that he joined them on a shopping trip once and then was sold on the bargain hunting.

Adam joined an extreme couponing group on Facebook after watching American show Extreme Couponing USA and started making use of cash back apps.

Speaking to LatestDeals.co.uk, he said: "Since then I have been a regular bargain hunter and saved thousands with cashback apps such as CheckoutSmart and ClickSnap on Quidco.

"I have picked up free food, drinks and supplies, and I also regularly get discounted clothes and homeware items."

Previously Adam managed to bag whole meals for four, for a fraction of the original price.

He said: "Some examples of bargains I have picked up include a crispy tofu meal kit from Marks and Spencer. It was £11.50 but I paid just £1.72 and made a meal for 4.

"In the same shop I also picked up a rotisserie chicken for 67p instead of £6.72! I managed to create another meal for 4 with that as part of a roast dinner."

He also paid just £5.27 for a £21.12 shoulder of lamb and regularly picks up Too Good To Go boxes with £15 worth of goodies for just £3.

He said: "Most of the bargains I find are usually reduced by up to 70%. I usually go to find discounts after my work, which can range from 5pm- 8pm.

"I will visit a few places on my way home. Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and Sainsburys usually reduce their items by 50% or more after 7pm, and sometimes it’s earlier in Marks and Spencer."

Adam suggests heading to supermarkets with a designated "reduced" fridge like Sainsbury's, but warned that reduced items in M&S are left on the shelf in their original place so more hunting is required to find them.

He said: "With the help of cashback apps, freebies, samples and yellow sticker bargains, I have saved over £2000.

"I love that I can buy more luxury items I would not usually buy for less. I also like that I am saving them from being wasted."

Adam's advice to others who want to do the same, is to look out for the yellow and red reduced stickers on your regular shop.

He said: "When items are discontinued or seasonal they are reduced to clear – from tinned meat to old stock.

"The freezer section can also be home to some good bargains. You just need to look out when you’re doing your normal shopping. I’ve picked up loads of items using this method."

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