I've got huge boobs & people make the same rude comments… trolls say they're too big & others give them a gross nickname | The Sun

A WOMAN has claimed that people always make the same rude comments to and about her as a result of her large boobs.

23-year-old Raquel, from San Diego, California, explained that trolls say her boobs are “too big” and others even give them a gross nickname. 

Posting on TikTok, in one clip, Raquel revealed the comments that people make to her about her large chest.

While she described her boobs as “massive honkers”, firstly, she claimed that people will look at her boobs and comment on their size.

She noted that people will say: “Her boobs are too big.”

Not only this, Raquel also claimed that others will rudely remark: “Guys only like her for her big chest.”

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Even ruder, Raquel explained that people are quick to make judgments about her based on her large boobs.

She claimed that people will see her boobs and say: “What a w***e.”

As well as this, the blonde-haired woman noted that some people even give her boobs a gross nickname and claim that her boobs will put men off of her.

She said that people judge her and claim: “Nobody will date you with huge milkers.” 

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Raquel’s clip has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly amassed 671.9k views.

It has 9,652 likes, 119 comments and 41 shares.

But despite the hate that Raquel often receives as a result of the size of her chest, many social media users took to the comments to share their support for Raquel.

Lots of people advised her to ignore what the haters say.

Meanwhile, many men complimented her large assets and good looks. 

One person said: “Haters always hate. Stay up stunner.” 

Another added: “Why so much hate? Don’t listen to them.” 

Whilst one man commented: “I’ve never heard of anyone saying those things.” 

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Meanwhile, another man crudely remarked: “No such thing as too big.” 

Someone else noted: “They just jealous.”

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