I’ve got big boobs – my three favorite hacks to wear a button-down shirt so it won’t gape or leave you exposed | The Sun

SPORTING a button-down shirt can make any woman feel professional and polished until she spots the annoying chest gap.

One well-endowed fashionista shared her favorite ways to customize businesswear for a bigger bust, and you can adapt her tricks to tip your wardrobe.

On her YouTube channel, Lucy Stokes creates short-form fashion tutorials intended to help viewers assemble their perfect outfits.

In a recent video, Stokes shared the clothing hacks she uses to tailor items from her wardrobe to fit her generous bust.

"If you want your shirt to fit in the waist, you've got all the gaping," Stokes said, showing the gaps in her own button-down shirt and demonstrating a problem many women face.

Stokes uses three different hacks to make her button-downs fit properly. The first changes the neckline of the shirt for a delicate, feminine look that also exposes a little more skin.

To start, Stokes said, pinpoint the spot where your shirt starts gaping. It may be just under your bust, or it might be further down your torso.

"Unbutton your shirt to the point of tension," Stokes instructed. Then, "pull it back like a v-neck."

Depending on your breast size and the type of shirt you're wearing, this might result in a v-neck, a sweetheart neckline, or a sweeping scoop neck.

You can tuck the shirt's fabric back into itself, or hold the folds in place with fashion tape to keep your neckline in place.

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"Another tip is the criss-cross," Stokes said.

If the v-neck tip didn't work for you, you might like this one.

"This is kind of the opposite."

It also shows substantially less skin than the prior hack, so if you need a more modest look, this vintage-inspired style is the way to go.

"Unbutton from the bottom. Take the ends of the shirt from the point of tension," Stokes instructed.

She lifted the two "tails" of the shirt, then wrapped them across her body, bringing the left corner to her right hip and the right corner to her left.

"Tuck them in by crisscrossing them, so you're creating a faux wrap shirt," she continued.

In the end, you should have a tidy, tight tuck along the bottom of your torso, and no gaping or wide openings along your chest.

Stokes moved on to her final hack for the perfect fit every time. Rather than modifying your current wardrobe, you'll be changing the way you shop.

"The biggest tip: slim-fit men's shirts," Stokes revealed.

Don't be put off by the "men's" moniker, Stokes added – a slim-fit shirt should fit your body perfectly.

"They are made to be big and wide in the shoulders and chest, and taper down in the waist," she explained.

Changing into a pale pink button-down, Stokes turned and showed off her totally flat row of buttons.

"Look!" she said proudly. "I'm all buttoned up and no gaps!"

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You can go to the men's department at your favorite clothing store and try on shirts there, or play dress-up in a partner's or friend's wardrobe – in a comment, Stokes said she borrows shirts from her husband.

The best men's size for you might be different from what you expect, so be prepared to adjust your expectations and try on a few shirts to find your perfect fit.

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