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IF you’re an avid gardener, you’ll know that social media is full of tips and tricks that promise to improve your outside space.

But as well as plenty of hidden gems, platforms like TikTok also contain so-called hacks that could damage everything from plants to bushes.

Luckily, the experts are on hand to help you weed out the bad from the good – plus recommend those that are well worth a try.

One such pro is Matt Adams, who is a Lawn Feed Expert and Founder of The Relentless Gardener.

Matt scoured the internet and watched lots of viral TikTok videos, before picking out four of the best that he would recommend time and time again.

Here, he lifts the lid on each of them and tells fellow green-fingered gardeners why they’re definitely worth the hype. 

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@justgardens the perfect edges video: three million views

What is it? Gardeners will know the importance of edging their lawn – the process of creating distinct lines along the side of your lawn. 

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also encourages grass to stay within its new boundaries, as long as it’s maintained. 

And @justgardens has come up with an easy way to get the job done quickly – and all your need to do is turn your strimmer upside down and run it along the edge of your grass.

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Not only does it take considerably less time, but it also creates a perfect line that even the most amateur gardener could handle.

Matt’s verdict: “It’s no surprise to see this video by @justgardens reach three million views.

“Whether you’ve got a big garden or a small one, edging your lawn is a great way of shaping your plot. T

“There are many ways to edge your lawn, however, as seen in the video, the simple hack of turning your strimmer upside down to trim your lawn edges can give you the perfect lawn edge. 

“Even better, it’s also extremely satisfying to watch!”


@dabsanddawgs viral grass hack video: 4.3 million views

What is it? Any garden owner will know how frustrating it is to look outside and see a patchy lawn. 

But with the weather having been so hot, it’s not uncommon – which is where this handy grass growing hack comes in. 

@dabsanddawgs spotted an online tip that encouraged gardeners to mix together their own DIY formula consisting of water, toilet paper, and grass seed.

And she said it worked a treat as three days later, the dead patches had been replaced by newly grown grass. 

Matt’s verdict: “There are plenty of lawn hacks that go viral, and this one you definitely want to save if you’re looking to transform your patchy lawn. 

“In a bucket of water, mix together your lawn seeds and tissue paper, creating a paper mache type texture.

“Once it’s mixed in, place the mixture over the patches of grass. You should see a transformation with your lawn in no time at all.

“Using toilet paper is actually a great affordable way to help the grass thrive, as it helps to bond the seeds and the soil together, protects it from bad weather and even adds extra nutrients into the lawn as it decomposes.”


@scotts_lawn Aerating on a budget video: 320K views

What is it? According to the experts, aeration is something that is key to maintaining a healthy lawn. 

But what does it mean? In gardening terms, it’s the process of poking small, long holes into the ground to ensure that air can get to it.

This, in turn, removes stale carbon monoxide and improves the roots’ water and nutrient consumption. 

And one man – @scotts_lawn – came up with his own way of doing it when he drilled in several nails to a plank of wood. 

He then tied said wood to his shoes and walked around the lawn, creating the essential holes as he went. 

Matt’s verdict: “Everyone needs to aerate their lawn, but this video by @scotts_lawns really does prove you can do it on a budget.

“Creating your own device, made out of wood and screws and attaching them to your feet is a great budget friendly way to aerate your lawn. 

“It’s also perfect, as because they’re attached to your feet, you can be aerating your lawn whilst doing other jobs in your garden.”


@premierlawns Fairy Liquid as a wetting agent video: 1.9 million views)

What is it? Pet owners, listen up! While your pet pooch may be adorable, it doesn’t mean they don’t urinate on your grass from time to time. 

If that’s the case and you now have dead, brown patches in place of green, @premierlawns’ hack could be your new best friend. 

They showed how they first raked out the dead grass, and then aerated it with a garden fork.

Finally, they reached for a kitchen staple – Fairy washing up liquid – and added a dash to some water, before shaking up. 

@premierlawns then encouraged gardeners to spray liberally onto the patch, before adding grass seed and soil or compost mixed together. 

The result? Two weeks later, they showed how their grass had grown back creating a lawn any neighbour would be jealous of.

Matt’s verdict: “Dogs using the lawn as a toilet can’t always be prevented. However, there’s no reason why it has to completely kill the grass plant. 

“Thanks to @premierlawns' hack, using fairy liquid as a wetting agent, it will be fixed in no time at all, plus it’s a cheap fix too.

“Once you’ve raked the affected area, adding a dash of fairy liquid to water will create a wetting agent. 


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“Spraying this on the area will help the soil to absorb water more effectively and provide you with a better environment for your grass to grow, diluting any remaining urine in the soil.”

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