Is Meghan Markle writing Charles' letters too? Royal watchers spy American spellings in Prince's letter to President Macron after the Notre Dame fire

YESTERDAY eagle-eyed Royal fans noticed some very "American" clues hiding on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Instagram page which led them to believe the Duchess of Sussex has taken a very active role in their new social media venture.

Earlier this week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex thanked well-wishers who had donated to their five chosen charities ahead of the birth of the Royal Baby – and fans went wild over the noticeable American mentions of "cribs" and "diapers".

However, it now appears that Meghan could be working behind the scenes on another Royal Family social media account as fans have noticed a pattern on Americanisms.

In the wake of the Notre Dame fire on Tuesday, a letter of sympathy written by Prince Charles to the French president Emmanuel Macron was posted on the official Clarence House Instagram page.

But royal watchers were quick to highlight Charles' "Americanised" spellings of the words "agonising, realise and civilisation" with the letter "z".

Insisting that the future King of England should use "British English", one user commented: "When did British royalty start using American spellings? 'Realise' is the English way not 'realize'."

Another disgruntled user added: "Wait, what? A British Royal uses 'realiZe not 'realiSe'?

"Are you an American or the future King?"

Wondering if his daughter-in-law had an input in writing the heartfelt letter, a third added: "I think Charles dictated it and Meghan offered to type it up."

Although Royal fans have speculated that Meghan Markle is involved in the running of the page, one language expert believes that Prince Charles prefers to use the 15th Century spellings of these words which align with the American versions.

David Adger Professor of Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London told Femail: "The -ize spelling is a pretty accurate representation of the Ancient Greek suffix from which it derives, which was roughly pronounced '-idzo'."

"It's still used by, for example, Oxford University Press, instead of the more standard-ise.

"However, for words that don't come from that Anicent Greek affix, like 'analyse' for example, Oxford University Press sticks to the -se spelling, while American English has generalised even those words."

What's more, Prince Charles also showcased his preference for 15th Century spellings last year when writing to the Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire.

In a letter to Sarah Rose Troughton following his visit to the city, Prince Charles expressed how much he enjoyed visiting many local "organizations".

Similarly in a letter to former Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2004, the heir described how forces in Iraq did not have the correct resources – an issue he urged the government to "advertize".

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