I’m trolled for putting my 18-month-old in nursery… people say he’s too young but I need a break | The Sun

A MUM has hit back at trolls after they slammed her for putting her son into nursey at too young an age.

Chloe Haycock, from the UK, revealed that she was sending her 18-month-old son, Chester, to nursery during the week.

In a TikTok video uploaded to her account @chloehaycock_, she said: "So today Chester has his taster day at nursery."

The 25-year-old revealed Chester went in to his first day very excited to be there.

"He went in absolutely fine," the mum added "I sat with him, then sneaked off. so proud.

The video soon went viral with over 260k views, but not everyone was impressed as some thought he was too young to go to nursery.


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Sending him to nursery so young when you don't have a proper job or nothing. Poor boy he is," wrote one person.

Replying to the above comment, Chloe posted another video claiming she also needed a break.

Chloe, who also has two step-children and is currently pregnant plans to get some rest and go back to the office before child number four comes.

The mum replied sarcastically, saying: "You poor boy.

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"Mummy's so cruel isn't she, going to nursery so you can socialize and play with those children all day?

"How cruel am I?"

Chloe continued: "How about poor freaking mama?

"I need a break, too, plus, I'm going back to the office."

"These people make me laugh. They don’t offend me at all, so don’t worry guys. I address it because I find their comments funny," she captioned the post.

Despite revealing she was going back to work and (rightfully) needed some alone time, trolls still saw an issue with her decision to take Chester to nursery.

One remarked: "'Needs a break' but pops out another one."

However, plenty of people praised the mum for taking Chester to nursery one and a half days a week.

One person added: "Nursery worker here, it's extremely beneficial for them to start young, builds relationships and helps support routine! It's also good for parent."

Another wrote: "Being home with a baby is stressful! Mentally and physically draining! Normalise parents having a break. Smashing it Chloe."

"Completely agree with what you’re doing. I went back to work when my little one was 6 months, best thing I ever did for my mental health," commented a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth claimed: "From a mum who did not send her child to nursery… good on you I wish I did, his development was slow."

"So cruel!!! All the fun he will have and skills he will develop!! How could you," said a fifth.

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