I’m the best dressed teacher at school – the dads agree, it’s exhausting being so pretty | The Sun

A SELF-DESCRIBED hot teacher has shared that she believes she's the best-dressed teacher at her school and that all the single dads agree.

She shared the sentiment in a popular TikTok video that has her showing viewers why it's so exhausting to be so attractive.

TikTok creator Ilara Lanei, also known as @littleee.teacher, usually posts suggestive content that pertains to her dating, life behind the scenes, and career.

The self-described "hot teacher" prides herself on her unique sense of style that she says makes her the best-dressed teacher at the education institution.

In a five-second video, the kindergarten teacher enthralled viewers with a cheeky video that gave them a glimpse into what she wears at her workplace.

It has received almost 20,000 likes within its first day on the social platform and only seems to be growing in virality.

The subtitles on the video read: "It's truly exhausting being the best dressed teacher at school."

She continues her thought process in the caption which reads: "most of the single dads agree.. what about you?"

Lanei dons a fashionable outfit that she makes sexier by pairing a white button-up shirt with a short black mini skirt that has a small side slit and throwing on open-toed black strappy heels.

The schoolteacher makes the outfit more professional for the environment by wearing black opaque tights under the bottoms.

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At the start of the video, she stands bent over in front of the camera before walking back to reveal her full-length outfit.

She does several poses and pops her hip side to side as she shows off the ensemble.

Lanei does a cute little dance as the video comes to a close.

People rushed to the comments to offer their two cents about the academic employee's look, including many single dads.

"We all agree gorgeous," one user wrote online.

"You're at school, not a fashion show..! But wonderful power dressing..! Probably lost on little people," a viewer commented.

"This includes also married dads," another added.

"I’d convince my kid to misbehave so I’d have to go in for more parent-teacher meetings," another shared.

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