I'm shamed for showing off my curves – trolls say I'm too fat and like a whale but I laugh it off | The Sun

A SIZE 14 woman has revealed the death threats and shaming she receives from cruel trolls online.

London-based Charlotte Price, 23, who is a body confidence influencer, has racked up 102,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her relatable content.

She’s dedicated her page to helping encourage others to accept their own bodies – but revealed it does open her up to some nasty messages.

Charlotte told Daily Star: “I receive many death threats, people saying that I promote obesity and commenting the whale and pig emojis.

“Most of them I laugh at and brush off but sometimes if there's an influx, it can get me really down.

“The ‘promoting obesity’ one annoys me in particular though because the message I promote is to encourage others to embrace their bodies, no matter their shape and size, and to spend their time focusing on meaningful connections.”

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Charlotte admitted that any mean messages can be upsetting, but she blames society ultimately for equating “thin” to being “beautiful” and “healthy”.

She also added she feels “sorry” for any trolls who project insecurities on other people.

Charlotte says that different body types are needed in TV, movies and advertising, to help people feel like they are good enough.

Although she has fully embraced her body now, she did have a tough relationship with herself growing up – and blames diet culture, the media and school.

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Thankfully, she turned this around while studying for a forensic science university degree.

Charlotte said: “I felt that too much of my time in life so far was fixated on the wrong things – appearance and looking the way society wanted me to – rather than enjoying the moment.”

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