I'm plus size & got dress coded at a restaurant for a slit in my jeans – it was fat shaming, I had to buy new trousers | The Sun

A PLUS SIZE woman has claimed that she was dress coded at a fancy restaurant due to a slit in her jeans – and says it was "fat shaming."

TikTok user Ginger Giant, who posts under the acronym @reallifegingergiant, shared a video where she can be seen wearing the brand new check trousers she was forced to buy after being refused entry in the jeans she was originally wearing.

She explains: "When you have to buy new pants because the restaurant won't let you in with a slit in your jeans."

The social media user captioned the post: "It’s because I was extra thick #rude #fatshame #fyp #newpants #plussize."

In a second video, she shows herself wearing the offending jeans which are a faded blue denim and feature a rip on one knee.

"OK these are the infamous trousers I couldn't get in the restaurant with," she says.


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"They're Good American jeans – here's the slit that they said was too much that I did just rip in the car.

"So what do you all think – should I have gotten in or not?"

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The post has since racked up a whopping 2.1 million views and been flooded with comments – with very mixed responses.

"They're 100% just mad – they're literally just normal jeans," wrote one.

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A second commented: "Oh wow. They’re doing the most. Those jeans were fine."

A third penned: "I mean it's a restaurant tbh that isn't OK that they tell people what they can and can't have on."

Meanwhile, a fourth agreed: "Yes you should’ve gotten in."

Another noted: "The way that restaurants don’t have dress codes and unless it was a formal event they should’ve let you in."

However, others defended the restaurant and said it was normal procedure.

"This is fairly standard at nicer restaurants, surprised they were okay with trainers too," one person wrote.

Another suggested: "They should have let you know in advance."

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