I’m plus size & get slammed for my revealing outfits, but I eat trolls for breakfast – I’ll continue wearing what I want | The Sun

SHE'S made an entire TikTok page devoted to body positivity.

But that hasn't stopped Hayley attracting vicious comments from trolls on her videos, which frequently involve her showing her curves off in skimpy ensembles.

"you are so young and your face is really cute," one person wrote on a video of Hayley wearing a cute floral dress.

"So do something against this many Kilos.

"A stomach Bypass may help."

"I really don't need it, I'm perfect the way I am," Hayley responded.

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"that bed must be made out of something strong," another added.

"Please get the help."

However, Hayley insisted in her TikTok profile that she's not bothered by such remarks.

"I eat trolls for breakfast," she wrote.

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In another video, Hayley wore a blue velvet crop top and shorts as Meghan Trainor's Made You Look played in the background.

And while some said the two-piece looked chic and comfortable, others weren't quite as complimentary.

"You’re beautiful. But glamourising morbid obesity is just as bad as romanticising EDs," one wrote.

"Michelin woman," another added.

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"How are you not embarrassed by yourself," someone else questioned.

With Hayley hitting back: "You should be asking yourself that."

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