I’m plus-size and my man is slim – weighing 330lbs doesn’t stop me from finding love | The Sun

LOVE is not reserved for just one type of person — size included.

A couple has proved this by sharing their size disparity with the world.

Alex Aspasia is a fashion model who describes herself as "big & tall."

At five foot 11 and 330 pounds, she lives up to the label, but being outside of the norms of super slim beauty standards makes her unique — especially to her smitten beau.

She took to TikTok to share a video of her and her much slimmer lover.

"Don't let your size stop you from finding someone special," Aspasia wrote in a text overlay on the video.


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The couple dressed in Halloween gear, with Aspasia donning a daring Jessica Rabbit costume while her partner wore a white bunny ear headband.

The pair looked defiantly at the camera before looking at each other and finally sharing a lingering smooch.

"I love this," Aspasia wrote in the caption.

Viewers expressed their support for the couple in the comment section.

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"That is a very lucky man," a fan of the model wrote. "Congrats on finding someone special to you Alexa!"

Some confessed that they envied Aspasia's boyfriend.

"He is living my dream," one admirer wrote.

"I want my Jessica," another commented.

Another plus-size woman shared her own issues finding love in the comments, to which Aspasia offered support.

"Well it's stopping me," one skeptic wrote. "I don't have anybody."

"You will find someone," Aspasia replied. "It definitely takes time."

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