I’m midsize and slay it in the gym – I’m proof you can be 'fit and fat' | The Sun

A MID-SIZE influencer is proof that you can kick butt no matter what your dress size.

But TikToker Shelby (@shelbysaywhatblog) has had to work hard to achieve the positive attitude she has today.

She's getting there, though, and fans are a testament to that, with a massive 462,000-strong following and four million likes.

They like what they see and hear, for Shelby’s platform statement is all about body positivity for mid-sizers everywhere.

“My goal is to make you feel safe and seen in your size 14 body,” she pledges.

Her latest post sees her working out at the gym.

In the past, she has had to cope with a doubting inner voice.

She narrates her post and you learn more about her journey.

“My whole life I was afraid people are gonna find out that I was fat,” she confides.

It’s a different picture today and she really has come full circle and she proves her point by slaying it in the gym.

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“But honestly, who gives a sh*t,” she says defiantly.

If you weren’t sure, she rams her point home for good effect: “There’s nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn’t give a f*ck.”

Shelby is mid-size, proud, and confident and doesn’t care what other people think anymore.

“Fat and fit. Welcome to the midsize gym Tok ladies," she says. "You can be curvy and strong.”

Her followers loved her attitude.

“You are not fat,” was one comment. “You are curvy and beautiful.”

Many more loved her message: “I love you and the fact that you’re spreading the love for our bodies appreciating all we can channel through them.”

Several fans were inspired by her hard-fought-for confidence.

“Needed to see this today,” said one viewer, while another said: You got me going back to the gym, thank you.”

Another is already putting her philosophy into action: “Finally this year I bought myself a cute workout gear. I had to stop waiting to look and feel cute at the gym because I’m overweight. It made such a difference.”

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“Love the positivity you share,” enthused one fan.

Finally, mid-sizers unite: “This is me. It used to frustrate me that I wasn’t more toned or skinny. But I’m just a mid-size girl who loves to work out.”

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