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A TIKTOKER has one thing to say to people who say she doesn’t respect herself if she doesn’t wear a bra. 

Influencer Madds (@madds.maxjesty) shared in a TikTok video why she chooses to go without the extra supportive clothing item. 

In the eight-second clip, the TikToker revealed that she doesn’t wear bras “because they are uncomfy and I don’t need to hide my body.” 

Despite the explanation, the video indicated that many people still tell her, “You don’t respect yourself.” 

Madds responded to that accusation in the caption of her video saying, “I can respect myself and be comfy at the same time THANK YOUUUU.” 

The body positivity influencer regularly shares her journey about going braless in public and has not worn one in several years. 

She has amassed an impressive 181.9k followers on TikTok and over 6 million likes. 

While she repeatedly posts videos about loving going braless, Madds revealed in a previous video that the only location she does don a bra is at the gym. 

Dozens of women flooded the video’s comment section, supporting her decision not to wear a bra. 

“No, you respect yourself more, because you can be yourself in the face of others opinions,” one TikTok user wrote. 

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“Those people are envious of your power.” 

“Anything you want to do be happy and comfortable go right ahead. ignore the trolls and haters. Their just jealous they can't pull it off tastefully,” another said.” 

“Do whatever makes you happy,” a third chimed in. 

While a fourth added, “Isn’t doing what makes YOU comfortable despite societal pressures literally the definition of respecting yourself?”

Several others indicated they too have chosen to go braless, sometimes because of the difficulty to find a correct fitting or comfortable one.

“dude they don't sell my size in stores, I ain't paying 70 bucks for something I can't try on and also it ain't comfy,” one user wrote. 

“Nah bby they got it twisted… I respect myself to stop doing things that cause me pain,” another said. 

The body positivity influencer’s video comes as dozens of other social media users have joined the online “no bra club,” sharing their braless journey. 

Many women have shared videos online slamming critics who say going without a bra is inappropriate. 

Some have taken a more lighthearted approach. 

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