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YOUR home – whether it's a large mansion, a smaller apartment, or a family house in the suburbs – says a lot about you as a person.

We all want to give the best impression to our guests or to whoever wants to buy the place – but, apparently, there are small things we never realised make our house look cheap.

Ashley Patterson, from Ohio, has revealed the three items and mistakes you could potentially be making that ruthlessly strip away any glam.

The DIY-loving interior designer knows a few things – and she definitely is the one to trust to make our house appear chicer.

In addition to paintings and photos, one of the first things we all notice when walking around someone's home is their lighting – from impressive chandeliers to dim table lamps, the options to pick from are endless.

But, according to Ashley, the one style that will make potential home buyers turn away is builder-grade light fixtures and mirrors.

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Although these are bright and provide a lot of light, they're bulky and, in most cases, outdated, doing nothing for one's house.

After you're done updating your lights system – this doesn't necessarily mean buying expensive crystal lamps – have a look at your bathroom and kitchen.

Are all the shampoos kept neatly in a box?

If not, you might want to sort that out now, as the interior designer points out, leaving everything all over the place with no place to call home gives a very 'cluttery' look.

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''Exposed cords can also look cluttery,'' she adds.

To easily fix this – while also ensuring no one trips over these and ends up with injuries – there are multiple ways.

You can either arrange these in a box or hide them behind larger furniture. For example, put them behind a sofa or slip them into a drawer.

''Boob lights are so ugly,'' commented one, adding ''I watched something about why they chose these for homes and it’s because they were cheap lol so makes sense here.''

Another user might have to replace his lights from the looks of it: ''As I lay here staring up at my boob light.''

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