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WITH energy bills soaring we’re all looking for ways to keep homes as warm as possible this winter.  

The way you furnish your home can make a big difference.

We spoke to interior designer Katy Haywood, to find out the best furnishings to keep your home warm this winter.


Katy says: “Creating a feeling of warmth in your home is a really important first step. One of the best ways to do this is through lighting.”

She says: “Lighting is key and many people don’t realize that lights come in different colours. Some lights are warmer and have a yellowish tone. These are the lights you want to create a feeling of warmth.” 

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Look for lights 3000kw or higher so your lights can give your home that warm feeling.

Warm colours

One the topic of colours, certain colours are going to create better warmth in your home than others. 

Katy says: “People usually go for sterile, white colours but these make your home feel cold. You should look for colours with warmth like beige and red even hints of these colours can make a big difference. A matt paint will feel cosier than a shiny one.”

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“Places like B&Q do really good colour matches. Once you’ve got a base foundation colour with warm undertones you can experiment with other colours for accessories like blues and greens.”


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Another way to get light to move around your homes is different surfaces like mirrors, marble, leather and tiles.

Katy says: “A mirror can really open up your home but it’s great for moving light around your house, marble and tiles have the same effect.”


If you can, you should look at adding warm fabrics in your home.

Katy says: “Most of the homes I work with have floorboards from the 1930's which actually allow warm air to escape.

“If you’ve got a wooden floor, try adding a rug. Carpets are great and you can get carpets installed with an extra warm underlay for underfloor heating. Fabric’s wise Dunelm has some great options.”

It goes without saying that wool carpet is the best fabric to keep your home warm. As an effective insulator with thicker fibres, pure wool is great for reducing both heat loss and energy bills.

Katy says: “You can take a step further by applying different fabrics to other areas of your home like your sofa and curtains.”

“It’s all about creating a cosy environment so you want to build layers, add cushions, blankets and rugs. Look for velvets, fur, chenille and wool.”

Blinds and curtains

Whilst your building, shielding is paramount. 

Katy says: “Most people lose warmth through their windows. You want to make sure your windows are properly sealed and get curtains or blinds to stop heat escaping. 

“Roller or roman blinds are great at keeping warmth in.”


Another addition to your home will bring a little warmth are candles. 

Katy says: “Go for candles with nice scents, you can find some great ones in TK Maxx, home bargains, even supermarkets.”

Wood burners

The interior guru gave us one more tip for adding warmth to your home. 

Katy says: “Fireplaces are very much a thing of the past. But they used to be an essential way to keep your home warm. The next best thing to a fireplace is a wood burner. They are pricey but they are worth the investment as they will help reduce your energy bills in the long term. 

“They are very popular at the moment so get your hands on one if you can.”

Katy Haywood used to be an arts and design teacher, during lockdown she decided to launch her own interior design business, Howson Design. 

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She believes every room should be joyous, unique and individual.

She says: “For me, the best designers bring their life’s experience to their work, and I truly believe it is my calling to share my passion for design through my business.”

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