I'm an interior designer & these are the worst kitchen looks – tiling to the ceiling is like a public loo for truckers | The Sun

AN interior designer has lifted the lid on the worst kitchen looks of all time – and it’s bad news if you’ve got tiling from tip to toe. 

TikToker Design Daddy said the popular aesthetic is his personal nightmare as he likened it to “a public loo for truckers.”

Design Daddy, whose social media profile is @mrphoenixgrey, has built up an impressive following of 667k and counting, thanks to his videos all about the do’s and don’ts of home transformations. 

In one of his most recent posts, @mrphoenixgrey focused on the kitchen – and the outdated aesthetics he thinks should be banned altogether. 

Speaking directly to the camera, he explained: “The worst kitchen designs that I would avoid as an interior designer.”

He then said that full tiling to the ceiling is included in one of his top pet peeves when it comes to decorating the kitchen. 

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The TikTok star explained: “A bad offender is the full subway tile look from your backsplash, all the way up your wall.

“Your kitchen is already busy enough and you don’t need to overcomplicate it.

“The full subway tile to the ceiling makes it look like a trucker restroom stop.

“If you’re going to go to the ceiling, at least pick a lighter grout so it looks like it blends in.

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“But, honestly, choose a different stack pattern – it’s going to make it look way more unique and customised to your home.”

Other popular trends Design Daddy isn’t a fan of include overhead pot racks that are often found above sinks and other kitchen appliances.

He blasted them, as he said: “This is a terrible idea unless you have spotless pots and pans in pristine condition.

“I don’t know about you, but honestly looking at the bottom of pots and pans is the least appealing thing I want in a kitchen.”

He continued: “Unless you have pots and pans that are in perfect condition, I would avoid using something like this.

“Because it’s going to make your kitchen look really cluttered and way busier than you expect it to be.” 

He also had plenty to say about another popular feature in kitchens in homes.

Design Daddy explained: “Number two is going to be distressed cabinets.

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“This one irks me in so many ways. It came in like a tidal wave and left just as quickly. 

“You pay premium prices for a new kitchen for it to look like an old one? Honestly, make that make sense.”

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