I’m an attractive female teacher – men call me ‘hot’ and say they ‘couldn’t concentrate in my class,' I’m sick of it | The Sun

DATING is difficult enough when you're a teacher thanks to the hectic schedule and hours of grading.

One woman revealed that her love life as a teacher is full of men who would not receive a passing grade.

On her TikTok page, Neha Singh (@halfadesi) is often seen recording from a desk in the classroom where she instructs her students.

She emerged from behind the desk for one video where she shared awkward, embarrassing, and downright offensive pickup lines from men.

Singh started off the video by applying a bug-eyed filter to her face.

Then, she shared the eye-popping messages you might receive if "your occupation is 'teacher' on a dating app."

"A hot teacher doesn't come by easy," wrote one eager man.

Another tried to downplay Singh's profession, or align it with stereotypes, writing, "Teachers are kinda mom-ish."

Others got straight into more overt flirting.

"Don't think I can concentrate in class if you're my teacher," wrote a potential suitor.

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"Can I be your student? Promise I will behave," swore another charmer who added a suggestive eggplant emoji to his message.

And one message started off sweet, but things took a turn.

"Hey, you have really pretty hair!" the eager man wrote.

Then he asked, "Do I get to hold it for you?" His initial compliment was only a setup for an allusion to a sexual act.

As each comment appeared on screen, a backing song looped the phrase, "I'm f***ing sick of it."

Singh added a disclaimer in the comments for anyone who may claim she dramatized the experience of dating as "an attractive female teacher."

"Before people come at me, yes I’ve talked to many decent guys," she wrote. "But, I do still get these comments way too often."

"You poor thing," a sympathetic woman said in the comments.

"Whatever jobs we pick will constantly be bombarded with cringy lines," wrote one woman.

Another agreed with her grim prediction. "They will always find some way to make it a gross roleplay thing."

Women from other industries chimed in to concur. "Nursing as well," one said. "I've seen it all, sadly."

But there were a few good men in the comment section – including one of the very men who had sent Singh a pick-up line from her video.

"Okay I just saw this," wrote the sheepish man. "I'm sorry."

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Fortunately, Singh wasn't angry and instead found the exchange "hilarious."

"Hahaha, it's fine," she wrote. "At least you're sorry!"

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