I'm an American living in Europe – it's 100 degrees outside and we have no AC, our 'cave' tips help cool the house | The Sun

EUROPEANS are well used to surviving the summer without air conditioning.

However, Americans living abroad have been struggling and are sharing their tips for beating the heat.

In her video, TikTok user Tonya Bullock (@tonyabullockts) explained: "It’s a hot day in Germany, it’s going to be triple digits [Farenheit] and we don’t have a built-in air conditioner over here."

The TikToker showed her followers how she managed to keep her home cool in the unbearable heat.

Since her home doesn't have central air conditioning, Tonya had to get creative.

"One of the things that we do is we put all the blinds down and make it almost like a cave in our house to keep it cool," she said.

Tonya also filmed her portable AC unit set-up in both her bedroom and living room.

"These are old but they work, they have the vent outside the window and then you also have to collect water from the condensation, it’s a slow drip but it actually provides us relief," she explained.

For her next summer survival tip, Tonya recommended adding fans to your living space to help circulate cool air.

She also made use of her outdoor amenities to keep the interior of her home cool.

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"We also use our awning and put it out back to give us more shade and help cool the house off," Tonya told viewers.

The awning helped to shade the outdoor area as well as block sunlight entering the home and heating it.

To help combat the 100-degree weather, Tonya revealed additional measures she and her family take.

"We also try not to cook, drink lots of water, stay inside, and eat yummy popsicles," she told her audience.

Another American living in Europe revealed how she keeps her home cool with no AC.

A former student shared her tips for living in a dorm with no air conditioning.

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