I’m addicted to fake tan – I don’t care if it's patchy & people say I look like tiger bread, it's better than being pale

WE all love a bit of bronze to make ourselves feel more confident when the sun comes out.

But one woman has taken her love of fake tan to the extreme and revealed she is addicted to the stuff.

Beauty fan Lily Scannell took to TikTok to show off her fake tanned legs, but they aren’t what you might expect. 

She shared a video of her fake tanned legs, but it’s safe to say that her fake tan isn’t fresh from the bottle. 

Lily’s fake tan has gone very patchy and looks like what many fake tanners refer to as ‘tiger bread’ – where the tan is no longer fresh and instead is patchy and scaly. 

The fake tan addict uploaded the video of her fake tan with the caption ‘rather be splotchy than pale!!!’. 

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She said: “My toxic trait is thinking this looks better than my natural skin."

I lowkey know I'm just addicted to tanning.

“I look better like this I promise.

“I look 20 times better with a tan. 

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“I get sh***y spray tans.” 

Lily’s video has clearly got many people talking, as after only being live on TikTok for two days, it has quickly racked up a whopping 3.2million views.

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It has 3.2million views. 275.9k likes and 4,158 shares.

TikTokers took to the comments to share their views on Lily’s fake tan – but there was a mix of responses.

Some people were shocked at her fake tan, others could relate, whilst many wanted Lily to embrace her natural skin colour and ditch the fake look.

One person said: “Melanoma is coming your way in the next couple years if ur not more careful…”

A second user joked: “Tiger bread.” 


Someone else commented: “I’ve never related to something more honestly.” 

One TikToker said: “I tan weekly and have done for years .. just moisturise and exfoliate and re-tan every 3-4 days and you won’t get this.” 

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However, one user stated: “I love being pale.” 

Another TikToker said: “I used to self tan but now seeing all these girls still doing it makes me so sad. We need to start LOVING our pale skin! Hate this trend.”

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