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A VET has issued a stark warning against a certain dog breed that needs to be born via C-section due to its head being too big to come out naturally. 

Dr Ben Simpson-Vernon is against people buying dogs based on the way they look because pooches bred for their looks have a host of health problems – including birthing issues.

Bulldogs – according to Ben who goes by Ben The Vet on Tik Tok – have a C-section rate of up to 86 per cent.

Ben warned that the puppies' heads are so big that their mums can’t birth them naturally. 

He claimed that female Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs suffer the same issue. 

According to Wikidoggia, a non-emergency dog C-section can cost up to £1,000 – growing even higher when its an emergency or performed outside of normal working hours

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Pooch expert Ben wants people to think more carefully when selecting their four-legged friend. 

He noted: “Most Bulldog, Boston Terrier and French Bulldog puppies have to be born by C-section because the puppies’ heads are too big to pass through their mum’s pelvis.”

In the video, Ben shared images of a soon-to-be mumma pooch lying on a vets operating table for her C-section. 

In The Pet Perspective podcast, the compassionate vet added: “It's a really bad idea to pick a dog based on the way it looks. 

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“And so a lot of dogs that have more extreme kind of characteristics, and are more exaggerated, they come with a health trade off for those kind of physical characteristics.”

Ben’s informative Tik Tok video has garnered over 15,000 views with concerned dog-lovers taking to the comments to express their shock.

One said: “They are so damn cute but should not be bred. 

“My heart breaks when I hear them breathe.”

Other people shared their experiences of dealing with bulldogs. 

An ex-vet weighed in: “I did emergency/critical care veterinary medicine for ten years.

“So many bulldog c-sections, with a scattering of others.”

One bulldog owner shared: “I rehomed a bulldog because she had to be spayed and was no longer good for her breeders. 

“Just chucked in kennel.”

The Blue Cross accused breeders of a "vicious cycle of over-breeding" earlier this year which they say has sparked a dangerous health crisis in flat-faced mutts.

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The dog charity is campaigning for both legislative and non-legislative action to stamp out "poor breeding" which leads to major health defects in English Bulldogs and similar breeds.

Owners are likely to spend thousands over the span of their flat-faced pooches life due to the issues caused by over-breeding, Ben warned.

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