I’m a traveller & gypsy girls do the most irritating things…I try to avoid them, it’s no wonder they give people the ick | The Sun

A TRAVELLER girl has taken to social media to reveal the things that annoy her about other gypsy girls. 

Angelina, who posts on TikTok under the username @angelinanououara_, recently posted a clip to the video sharing platform, revealing her icks (something unpleasant or offensive) about traveller women.

She said: “These are my icks on traveller women.” 

Angelina explained that the first thing that winds her up is when traveller woman go to Turkey for a gastric sleeve.

She explained: “One, traveller women that instead of going on a diet and go to the gym, they rather go to Turkey and cut their stomachs off.

“You’re still fat for one and if you get the sleeve you’re going to put on weight as you don’t know how to diet and two, if you cut your stomach off, it’s no good to you because you’re still fat.”

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Another thing that annoys Angelina is when traveller women gossip.

She continued: “Next one, when you’re in a group of women and then someone walks away and one of the women will say ‘did you hear what she said?’. 

“Yeah I did hear what she said and we’re not going to start having a conversation about her now that she’s walked away.

“Thank you, no. It’s a no from me.”

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As well as this, Angelina explained that it annoys her when women make comments about their husbands leaving them.

She added: “Another ick – when women say ‘oh no, I can't, he’ll leave me, he’ll beat me for dead.’

“What are you doing with a man who’s going to beat you for going to the cinema or going for dinner? Ick, ick, ick, ick.”

Not only this, but Angelina also hates it when traveller women don’t reveal where their clothes are from.

She explained: “Another one – when you ask someone where they got their outfit from and they tell you ‘oh I don’t know, I can’t remember.’

“Ick, keep your outfit, you look s**t in it anyway.” 

As well as this, Angelina also dislikes it when traveller women leave their traveller lifestyle but ditch their children with their husband.

She noted: “Another ick is when girls get up and make new lives for themselves and their children are nowhere to be found.

“Where’s your children? Did you seriously leave them with their father so you could go and have another husband? It’s a no from me.”

Finally, something that really grinds Angelina gears is when traveller women use their traveller culture for attention.

She concluded: “When they use being a traveller to get some clout or they lie about the traveller culture to get some clout.

“For me, that’s a massive ick because why are you making the traveller community look like that to make yourself look better? That doesn’t make sense. Ick.” 

Angelina’s video has clearly impressed many, as it was posted just 17 hours ago, but has quickly racked up a whopping 269.7k views.

It has 19.4k likes, 290 comments and 142 shares.

Many other women agreed with Angelina and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “The outfit one is the worst 😂😳” 

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Another added: “Love how you speak the truth my girl 💯💯” 

A third commented: “Well said.” Whilst someone else noted: “Couldn’t agree more.”

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