I'm a tired mum & have found the perfect concealer to hide dark circles – & it's only £14 | The Sun

TRYING to cover up dark circles under your eyes can feel like a never ending battle.

It seems no matter how much you fork out for fancy products nothing seems to do the trick.

But this beauty lover might just have found the perfect product for the job – and the best part is it's only £14.

Sharing her find on TikTok, savvy mum Abby Rivera showed the difference between one eye with had the concealer on and the other which was bare.

In the clip she said: "I almost don't want to tell you guys what this is because I want to gatekeep this.

"If you sell this out I will find each and every one of you," she joked before the big reveal.

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Because of a condition called xanthelasma, the makeup lover's under-eye bags can often look more dramatic than most people's – of course there are other things that factor into this too though.

Once Abby revealed the eye with the product on the difference was amazing.

Her entire under-eye area looked so much lighter and brighter, you could hardly see her eye bags at all.

She showed off the concealer she used, which turned out to be the Peeper Perfect concealer from Winkey Lux, which you can grab for just £14.

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The makeup whizz said: "This is the most perfect concealer, it has an amazing consistency, not too thick, not too thin.

"It has hyaluronic acid and collagen in it, I am literally obsessed."

Even Abby's son was impressed with her transformation, she explained that when she was wearing it he quipped: "Mommy, your 'things' are gone, I don't even see them."

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