I’m a ‘sugar mama’ with cubs I love to spoil – I send them cash, fly them first class & buy them treats off Amazon

SELF-CONFESSED cougar, Jess, 43, loves younger men so much that she is keen on splashing lavishing them with gifts and cash.

Jess who says she has an age-specific kink, also brands herself a ‘men’s mental health advocate’ on her TikTok account, has been with her ‘cub’ Alex, 22 for a few years.

“It’s not like I pay his rent or anything like that but I do Venmo him money. I fly him first-class when we are going out of town together. He has an Amazon wish-list and I will fulfil that for him.”

Alex is now waiting for Jess to buy him a Toyota Hilux.

“I don’t enter into relationships with the intent of being a sugar mama” Jess says, “but I do date my cubs and have on-going have relationships with them and I spoil them…that’s just my way of showing them I love them.”

Alex, 22 reveals the one move that landed him an older woman and put her under his spell: burping in her face all night!

“That might be my seduction technique”, he laughs as he burps next to jess.

In a video on her TikTok account Jess can be seen telling Alex: “When I tried to cover my face you made me uncover it. You were like ‘smell [it] and open your legs for me”, she squeals elatedly.


“You’re lucky you are cute,” she warns him.

Jess and Alex who say they have very different viewpoints and try to find common ground but as they are both on the autism spectrum say their straightforward communication skills are what bonds them together.

Jess who says she deliberately didn’t have kids, says: “I don’t mind being reminded of the age difference between me and the guys I date but for me age plays a very specific kink.”

In her video she swoons at Alex’s eagerness to learn to cook for himself and says his text about learning to cook was the hottest text message she has ever received and responds with: “sir, do you want me to get you pregnant, cos I am gonna figure out how!”

She also makes it clear that ex-marine Alex is the dominant one in bed she loves dating a marine because “they approach everything with violence including the way they f….”

Alex revealed that his seduction technique was burping in Jess's face all nightCredit: TIKTOK

A 44-year-old woman is a sugar mama to her 29-year-old boyfriend and she pays for his life

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