I’m a style pro & you need to stop shopping in Pandora – it makes you look cheap & there are other shops to avoid too | The Sun

AN ELEGANCE whizz had advised fellow style enthusiasts to steer clear of spending money in Pandora, as it makes you look anything but chic.

The high-street is full of what feels like a never-ending stream of shops – H&M, Zara, Primark, Pandora, just to name a few. But according to one pro, Antonia Higham, some are best avoided.

The elegance whizz explained that these stores, though popular, will downgrade your appearance, making for a cheap and tacky look.

To ensure you don't make this mistake and waste your money unnecessarily, Antonia took to TikTok to list some of her favourite picks – and the brands to ditch.

When it comes to sportswear, the elegance coach, from the UK, advised to invest in the posh brand Lululemon.

Meanwhile, the more affordable rival, Under Armour, was a cheap choice in her eyes.

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In terms of more high end brands, the style guru claimed that Victoria Beckham is considered elegant and posh.

Whilst browsing around the stores, Antonia also suggested to avoiding buying anything from Balenciaga.

The company, which found itself in a huge paedophilia scandal last year, was also totally ''bulls**t in another expert's eyes.

Last but certainly not least – shopping for jewellery, with the pro insisting that Tiffany & Co had plenty of options for those wanting to elevate their appearance.

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Pandora, a popular choice for Romeos looking for a last-minute prezzie around the festive period and Valentine's Day, had also made it onto the list of brands to avoid.

Although many fashionistas love the store, Antonia reckoned their jewellery was cheap-looking.


However, the clip soon sparked a fierce debate, as many disagreed with the pro's opinion.

One hit back at Antonia, writing: ''I don’t think comparing Tiffany and pandora is fair considering more people can afford pandora .

''It also does have simple classy jewelery [sic]?''

Another, meanwhile, thought: ''Elegance has nothing to do with brand names.''

Someone else added: ''Elegant also means knowing on what to spend your money, $100 for a yoga pant is not worth it.''

''Awe man I like my low top white converse and under armor sweaters,'' a shopper chimed in.

''apparently “elegant” means expensive….. you don’t have to be rich to be valuable girlies,'' a viewer penned.

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