I’m a style pro and here's four shoes that instantly make you look cheap…ditch pearls for a start, they look ridiculous | The Sun

AN ELEGANCE coach and fashion pro has revealed the four shoes that instantly make you look cheap.

So if you want footwear that makes you appear elegant, you’ll need to listen up and take notes immediately. 

Level Blue, a style whizz, took to social media to share her thoughts on tacky footwear. 

She said: “Flat shoes elegant ladies never wear.

“The trend of ugly shoes and slippers continues and most shoes at the stores look ridiculous.”

First of all, Level Blue explained that grandpa sandals are not a good look.

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She noted: “Grandpa sandals with white straps and an awful, unflattering shape – the argument I usually receive for these kinds of sandals is that they are very comfortable, but I don't understand why you settle for bare minimum.

“Ladies, of course your shoes should be comfortable, it's not a question, but they also need to look nice, be feminine and flattering, be of a good quality, so it serves you for a long time.

“Your shoes have to tick several boxes, not just one.”

As well as this, the fashionista explained that flip flops should never be worn, unless on the beach or by a swimming pool.

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She added: “Flip flops and rubber slippers – I've seen it so many times when a lady would wear a beautiful dress and her outfit would be completely ruined because she's wearing it with flip flops.

“The way you walk looks so bad in flip flops, the sound you make when you walk, it doesn't matter how much it costs, it is not an appropriate pair of shoes.

“It only has a place on the beach or next to a swimming pool.

“You don't wear a bikini to a shopping mall or to walk on the street, why do you wear flip flops?”

As well as this, Level Blue got candid about shoes with fancy prints and embellishments.

She explained: “And I hope I don't need to explain why these shoes are not elegant – chunky chains, pearls or braids, animal print.

“Details matter – more often than not, the decorations on the shoes look very cheap, because indeed companies use the cheapest materials to reduce the production cost.

“So if you want your shoes to look more classy and elegant, avoid those types of shoes and offer minimal design instead, it will make you look more polished and expensive.”

Finally, the fashion whizz got real on chunky trainers.

She concluded: “Chunky sport shoes with thick platforms, standard heels with weird carvings and elaborate shapes – why?

“Again comfort is not an excuse. You can wear a classic pair of sneakers that are flattering on your feet for comfort.

“Why would you choose this monstrosity? Because it is a trend.

“Isn't it obvious that it is a very bad idea to follow trends, it is bad for your wallet, it is bad for your appearance and elegance and it is bad for the environment.

“The only party who benefits from these trends are fast fashion corporations. 

“Please be smart about it and don't fall for it.”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @level_blue, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly gone viral and has since racked up a whopping 1.4 million views.

Social media users were quick to agree with Level Blue and many took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “Very well said..”

Another added: “I totally agree!”

A third commented: “Thank god!! Someone mentioned it, I mean everyone wearing these and pretending it's..fashion.” 

Someone else posted: “OMG!!! Totally on your team, you are telling facts!” 

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Whilst another fashion fan chimed in: “I totally agree. the grandpa sandals,those chains,beads,animal prints and chunky shoes.. I never wear or bought any of those.”

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