I'm a skin expert – you should shave your face each day, I've been doing it for 5 years & the results are amazing

A BEAUTY fan has revealed why we should all be following her lead and shaving our face each and every day.

Skin and beauty social media influencer Jordyn Wood took to her TikTok to post a video about the benefits of shaving your face – showing how she even uses a razor on her forehead.

Jordyn, whose account @jordyn_wood has gained over 62,000 followers, has also credited the beauty technique with “changing her life” and giving her an amazing glow.

She explained: “I learned this from a celebrity aesthetician in Nashville, Tennessee. 

“Shaving your face eliminates that dead layer of skin, allows your skin products to penetrate deeper and eliminates that peach fuzz and just leaves you with more vibrant and bright skin.”

Jordyn continued: “I’ve been doing it for almost five years now, and I choose to use a men’s razor.”

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She then showed a step-by-step tutorial of how it can be done quickly and safely at home, starting with a dry face.

The skin enthusiast continued: “I first go in on a dry, clean face with a gentle cleanser. I take a pump and a half and apply it everywhere.

“Next, I’m going to wet my razor and then just start shaving downwards. You want to be careful if you do have any acne not to go over it.

“A lot of times where I get the most peach fuzz is on my cheeks so I go in a different direction there.

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After concentrating on her cheek area, Jordyn went on to shave her forehead in downward strokes.

She concluded: “Then I just rinse my face and do the rest of my skincare like normal. Your make-up is going to go on like a dream!

Previously opening up during a Q&A session about why she started shaving her face, Jordyn said: “Yes, I do shave my face. 

“I have tried to get all of my friends and family to shave their faces because I have a theory.

Your make-up is going to go on like a dream

“I feel like men age better than women because they’re shaving their face daily, weekly or however often.

“It’s exfoliating and allowing products to penetrate deeper, so basically it’s just derma-planning at home.

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Jordyn also took the opportunity to clear up that hair will grow back darker and thicker.

She clarified: “And, no, your hair does not come back thicker or darker. Peach fuzz will always come back as peach fuzz unless you had dark hair to begin with.”

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