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A SKIN EXPERT has revealed the easy way to have a glow-up and look years younger without injectibles.

Olivia Salmen, from the US, took to social media to share the one beauty solution she swears by that can make you instantly look younger, and it's completely free.

Olivia, who is a nurse injector for the likes of Botox and filler revealed you don't need to consider injections if you change the colour of the clothes you wear.

Posting online, she said: "How to Glow Up Without Injectables, Coming From a Nurse Injector.

"I literally study faces and beauty for a living and here are my recommendations."

The skin expert's first recommendation was to start using colour theory in your wardrobe.


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She explained that different colour palettes looked better on certain skin tones, making you look younger and more refreshed.

For Olivia who has olive-toned skin, red and brown work perfectly with her complexion.

She explained: "When you wear colours in your colour palette, it complements your undertones. So since I have warm undertones, I wear warmer colours.

"Think maybe like a Zooey Deschanel with her really dark hair and her bright blue eyes, she looks better in cooler tones."

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Olivia explained colour theory also works for your hair colour and makeup.

The skin expert added: "Same with eye makeup. So, for example, I have brown eyes. Browns and purples look best on my eyes.

"They accentuate my eye colour, whereas someone with blue eyes is gonna wear a different colour."

Anthony McGrath, a celebrity stylist, and lecturer at London's Fashion Retail Academy told Woman and Home that it can be useful to "have a colour analysis with a stylist or professional colour analyst," however there are ways to figure out your colouring by yourself.

"In a nutshell, you can use your skin tone (skin, hair, and eyes) to determine whether you are warm or cool-toned, and your overall coloring – so how dark your skin is and the color of your natural hair – to determine whether you are light or dark."

Olivia's TikTok video posted to her account @oliviasalmen has since gone viral with over 160k likes.

People were quick to thank her in the comments section of the clip.

One person wrote: "This should be a college course."

Another commented: "Everyone should get a professional color analysis. It seriously changed my life."

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"This is very useful information!" penned a third.

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