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A SAVVY mum-of-three has revealed her five top easy meals that all “frazzled parents” should have in their arsenal.

Natalie Peall is an expert in baby led weaning (BLW) and created her very own cookbook to help mums who are too tired to think of different recipes every night.

It is full of simple but nutritious meals you can feed your tot once they hit six months of age.

BLW is a way of introducing solid food into a baby's diet by allowing them to feed themselves rather than spoon feeding them. 

Natalie’s top five meals for "frazzled parents" are both BLW friendly and tasty enough for you to eat when you haven’t got time to make extra dinners.

In an Instagram post, she put forward her meal of pasta with cream cheese and peas – which can be easily made with frozen peas for extra ease and just requires you to mix the ingredients together. 

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The food whizz also recommended pizza toast, which is toast with tomato puree, melted cheese and cherry tomato quarters on top.

To make it BLW friendly, you need to cut the toast into soldiers.

Her third recipe was a British staple – jacket potato with tuna mayo and cheese on top. 

Tinned tuna is an inexpensive source of protein, and also contains omega-3 fatty acids for your little one’s brain and eye health.

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Also on toast soldiers, Natalie recommended placing scrambled egg, cherry tomato quarters and grated cheese. 

Her fifth recipe for “frazzled parents” was ham and cheese melted between tortillas and cit into triangles. 

Natalie started curating BLW recipes after struggling to find recipes for the whole family after having her eldest daughter, who is now eight-years-old.

“I really struggled to find recipes for the whole family that took into account her dietary needs, but were still delicious, and didn’t have a high number of expensive ingredients,” she explained in another Instagram post. 

“It was my main driver for developing my Baby Led Weaning Cookbook app. 

“I get such a kick out of developing recipes that aren’t just for babies, but for the whole family. 

“To encourage that social time to eat together, learn from each other, share a love of eating good food, cooked with love.

"… And a bit of tiredness.”

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