I’m a royal chef and this is the secret way the Queen would tell us what she wanted to eat – and it’s all in code

WHILE the Queen is known for having surprisingly unfussy tastes in food famously eating her cereal out of tupperware, but Her Majesty does know what she likes.

The monarch, who celebrates her Platinum Jubilee on Friday, apparently had a very subtle way of letting royal chefs know what she wanted to eat – and it was all in code.

Speaking exclusively to Coffee Friend, Chef Darren McGrady revealed that the Queen’s favourite meal of the day was afternoon tea which she would enjoy wherever she was in the world every day.

And while the chefs would generally decide what went on the menu, Her Maj had a way of making her own suggestions.

McGrady explains: ““For afternoon tea the chefs would suggest sandwiches and scones – we didn’t tell the Queen what she was having because we knew what a lot of her favourites were, but the other cakes, the small cakes changed every single day. 

“Again, we’d try and put on our favourites and occasionally she would put a line through something. 

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“If she had say Prince William coming for afternoon tea, she knew her grandson loved chocolate biscuit cake so she’d write that in instead and put a number two. That told us there were two for tea.”

The chef went on to say that while she could be selective, the Queen’s taste in food was decidedly frugal.

He added: ““The one thing you can say about the Queen is that she is very frugal. 

“It was one of the things that really surprised me, when I moved from The Savoy to Buckingham Palace  I thought every day would be smoked salmon, foie gras, caviar, but no. 

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“The Queen is very very frugal and it’s simple and plain foods. That comes from her early years of growing up during the war.”

Pro chef Darren worked in the royal kitchen for 15 years preparing meals for the Queen, Prince Harry, Prince William and Princess Diana during his time at Buckingham Palace.

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Darren also shared that the Queen did not enjoy pizza and during his whole 15 years at the palace not a single pizza was served.

The monarch’s meals are healthy, low-carb affairs, usually grilled fish or chicken with two different vegetables or a big bowl of salad.

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