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DID you wake up in a bed full of roses? Or is your significant other rushing to buy a last minute gift?

Valentine's Day is here, which for many couples across the world mean time spent together with their loved one – but can your date reveal something about your relationship?

To find out, Fabulous spoke to dating expert and Wingman founder Tina Wilson – and one of them screams red flags.


''You might see this on the surface as somewhat unromantic and to others, not much effort is being made.

''However, a lazy takeaway can tick all of the boxes in terms of romance because you will be able to make Valentine’s Day personal, and low-key, to you both.''

The whizz added: ''You can also relax, feel comfortable to express your emotions, and enjoy each other's company without the frills!

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''This Valentine's style indicates you are rock solid.

''You can still scatter rose petals and get the candles out by making it different your normal takeaway night. 

Relationship position: Lovers for life, soul mates


''The personal touch and intimate feel will give your partner brownie points.

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''It is the perfect opportunity to spend some romantic moments with each other and the effort should go a long way.''

Tina noted:''Although ensure you are planning the romantic dinner because you want to and not simply because it is what you feel you should be doing on Valentine’s Day.

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''Remind each other you don’t need to go anywhere posh to prove your love for each other or to anyone else.  

''Perhaps on a subliminal level, you feel you need to show how happy you are by making such an effort.

''In addition, if you are in a long-term partnership or marriage and this "date style" is still expected you could be trying to keep up with the Joneses and need to pay more attention to your relationship.''

She went on to add: ''If you don’t feel the need to post it all over social media you are doing it for the right reasons.''

Relationship position: Showing off to prove you are happy to outsiders, keeping up appearances if it’s all for the gram. 


''There is nothing wrong with grabbing a quick bite but be cautious it is not just for the functionality of needing to eat over wanting to spend quality time together. ''

Tina advised: ''Test the waters by suggesting going for a drink beforehand to encourage more one-to-one interaction and a chance to reconnect.

''If excuses are made you might need to work on your relationship.''

The guru warned: ''You should watch out for patterns in both of your behaviours, if this is the case, and try and address any potential intimacy issues by being open and honest with each other.  

''This is true for young or early stages relationships but also if you’re in a long time relationship – if this is the best you can do have a think about mixing it up and putting in more effort.''

Relationship position: Drifting apart, not the holding hands type or early days


Tina reckoned: ''Your relationship might be stuck in a rut if you don’t even mention Valentine’s Day to one another or fail to make any forms of plans at all.

''Red flags should ring if your partner completely forgets or worse if plans are made separately or they have to work late.

''You both need to communicate to see if you are on the same page romantically.''

She went on to say: ''If you feel Valentine's is a commercial occasion and it doesn’t mean anything to you, make sure you both feel the same way.''

Relationship position: Intimacy issues, could be heading for the rocks, unromantic type


Tina insisted: ''If you are being whisked off on a spa day or a romantic city trip away you are still in the honeymoon stage of your relationship.

''These are the scenarios most likely to see your partner pop the question and friends and family may even expect an announcement.

''You are both committed to one another and things are still steamy.''

She went on to warn: ''However, with the expectation of the “question being popped” try not to feel disappointed if that doesn’t happen this time, the gesture of whisking you away is thoughtful and romantic enough, and it might be too soon.

''Enjoy your relationship and things will progress when it is the right time.

''But perhaps, just in case, book a manicure before you travel!'' she chuckled.

Relationship position: Hot for each other, still in the honeymoon phase


''Cinema dates are great but the reality is whichever end of the scale you are – a newly formed relationship to a long-term relationship- a cinema date on Valentine’s Day means you aren’t communicating with each other effectively – save that type of date for another day,'' Tina said.

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''If you deliberately plan a cinema date it might be a clever way to pass the time without being emotionally attached or engaged in your feeling which could spell bad news for your relationship or marriage.''

Relationship position: worlds apart, on different paths. 

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