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YOU may just fling on a bra each morning and not give it a second thought – but your 'go-to' favourite may reveal a lot about you.

Whether you favour a faithful balcony or a cheeky plunge bra, psychologist Emma Kenny speaks exclusively to Fabulous about the hidden truths it shares about your life.

Emma said: “Your bra speaks volumes about you.

“You may not realise that your bra, though tucked away from the world’s view, carries whispers of your character and essence. 

“It’s not merely about support or fashion; it’s a mirror reflecting facets of your mood and personality.”


Balcony bras offer reliable support, but the design could mean more than a comfortable underwear choice.

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Emma says: “Opting for a balcony bra speaks of someone who loves the best of both worlds. 

“A little bit mysterious, a dash of playful, but always keeping things classy.

"You are the kind of person who appreciates a good view but knows where to draw the line.”


A plunge bra is not usually an everyday choice, but it is popular with those who want to wear a low-cut top. According to the expert, however, there is much more subconscious psychology at play.

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Emma says: “If you’re rocking a plunge bra, it’s not just the neckline that’s daring.

"You’re all about taking risks and diving deep into the unknown, both in your sartorial choices and life’s grand adventures. 

“The plunge says, ‘I’m here, I’m confident, and I’ve got a secret side that only a few get to see.’”


Sometimes we all need a little lift, but a push-up bra can apparently affect more than just the gravitational pull on your boobs.

Emma says: “Choosing a push-up isn’t just about elevating your physical assets; it’s about amplifying your inner spirit. 

“Wearing one signifies your innate ability to uplift not only yourself but also those around you. 

“You have an infectious confidence, and just like your push-up, you have the power to elevate any situation, bringing positivity and a sprinkle of sass wherever you go.”


Following the likes of Bridgerton booming in popularity, corsets have been all over the high street – but are they in your underwear drawer?

Emma says: “The corset lover is a blend of vintage allure and power. 

“There’s a classic, timeless aspect to your personality. 

“When you lace up, you’re not just embracing your form, but also channelling the strong, fierce women of history who rocked this style before you.”


Sometimes wearing a sports bra is unavoidable if you’ve signed up for a sweaty spin class, but some prefer the practicality they bring in everyday life too.

Emma says: “Efficiency, dynamism, and a go-getter attitude are all hallmarks of the sport bra aficionado.

“Whether you’re sprinting to catch a train or sweating it out in the gym, your bra choice screams ‘I’m on the move, and I mean business!’”


Many people opt for the freeing feeling of a wire-free bralette, and they can come in pretty lacy designs.

Emma says: “The bralette is the free spirit of the bra world. Light, breezy, and unconstrained, just like its wearer. 

“If this is your go-to, you’re probably the type to dance like nobody’s watching and to follow your heart, wherever it might lead.”


If you opt for a strapless bra as your go-to option, this can be very revealing about you as a person.

Emma says: “Bold, daring, and undeniably adaptable. 


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“If this is your pick, you’re ready for any eventuality and aren’t afraid of a challenge. 

“You embrace life with open arms, or in this case, bare shoulders, and face the world with a certain je ne sais quoi.”

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