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IF YOU'VE got a pair of shoes you can't bare to part with even though they're agony, hope is in sight.

Fashion stylist Jess Seaman spoke to Fabulous to reveal the tricks you can try to squeeze your toes into your favourite pair of shoes and avoid blisters.

She said: "We’ve all had those moments when a pair of bad fitting shoes ruin a perfectly nice day.

"I’ve made this mistake far too many times in the past, once tempted to walk Regent street bare foot my feet hurt so badly!"

Here, she reveals her top tips for making any shoes comfortable.

Use moisturiser

Jess's best tip is to use a product you probably already have at home. "If in doubt, add moisturiser," she quipped.

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"I once fell in love with a pair of Sergio Rossi heels," the fashionista explained.

"The only problem was they were two sizes too small and sold out in my size.

"Naturally I bought them anyway and thought I’d figure out a way to make them feel less painful!

"I discovered if I moisturised my feet, to the point that they were quite slippy, the pain of said heels was almost bearable.

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"And it was definitely worth it, I still have those heels in my wardrobe nearly 20 years later."

Stretch leather with heat

Even leather that claims to be soft can leave you with sore feet and blisters if the shoe doesn't fit.

"I often find my ankle boots are incredibly stiff and painful around the ankle so I’ll use this trick to soften the leather and make them stretch," Jess revealed.

Her clever trick involves using a normal hairdryer on the hot setting and blasting the hot air on "areas of your shoes that need stretching out."

"Be careful not too keep the heat in one spot for too long," she added, "you can always repeat the process to get the right amount of stretch needed."

Shrink shoes with cold water

There are a few ways to make shoes that are too big work for you, but the truth is a lot of them are very uncomfortable.

Some people swear by stuffing socks in the front of shoes to help pad them out only to find a few steps down the road that your feet are in agony.

Jess shared less painful method to shrink shoes – and all you need is cold water!

She explained: "I have a very vivid memory of my Mum sitting in a cold bath of water in her new Levi jeans, apparently it was the perfect 80s trick to getting that ultimate skinny fit.

"Well that same theory is true for your shoes.

"And especially helpful with any type of canvas shoe that we often wear in Summer.

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"Sit on the side of the bath with your feet and shoes immersed in cold water.

"Wait until they feel nice and tight to your foot shape and then simply leave them in the sunshine to dry."

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