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A PRO gardener has warned beginners against making these common mistakes when trying to grow vegetables in the summer. 

Known as Growing Home & Garden on social media, the woman explained that there are three “things you need to know” about gardening from someone who has been “doing it for more than a decade”. 

Cutting open a giant bag, she explained that the very first thing to realise is that you can’t just use any type of soil to grow vegetables. 

“You can’t just plant in any soil and expect your garden to grow,” she said while using a large tool to spread a newly opened pack of soil across the bed. 

“You’re leaving a lot up to chance if you plant straight in the ground in your backyard without a bit of research.” 

Zooming in on different types of plants, including freshly grown tomatoes, she continued: “That’s why I always recommend new gardeners plant in pots, containers or raised garden beds, where you can be sure to give your plants fertile soil to grow in.” 


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The second mistake she sees most often is gardeners planting vegetables that they wouldn’t normally consume. 

“Plant foods that are fun and that you’ll actually eat,” she said. 

“Maybe that means growing a tomato variety that you’ve never heard of, super sweet strawberries or unique hot peppers that are fun to taste with your family,” TikTok user @growinghomeandgarden went on. 

She added: “Feel free to branch out and find fun varieties of your favourite foods to grow so you can enjoy your harvest.” 

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The final tip she shared with viewers who are looking to explore the world of gardening was to “learn your planting zone”. 

She explained: “Your zone is defined by the temperature in your geographical location. 

“Just Google you zip code and zone and you’ll be able to find it. This really only matters for perennial plants…

“But, for example, I’m zone 4 B and that means that if I want to grow perennial plants like strawberries, I should pick ones that grow in zone 4 B and they’ll come back year after year.” 

Aspiring and established gardeners were quick to respond to the video as one person wrote: “These tips are great! Happy growing”. 

Another said: “I’ve planted for the last few years. This is my first year having a green house so I got so many plants so me and my neighbours can have fruit.” 

“Yes please!” another wrote when the TikToker asked if she should make similar videos. They added: “We did it in the ground this year, now I’m worried. 

“But this year we are just testing everything. Whatever works, we will keep going!” 

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