I’m a pro declutterer – my simple ‘one-month rule’ makes it so much easier to chuck stuff out | The Sun

WE can all be guilty of holding on to things we know we need to let go of.

That may sound very deep, but don't worry the only thing we're going to be unpacking here is kitchenware.

TikTok user Keep It Simple Sparkles shared her simple decluttering rule, asking her followers: "Do you struggle with letting items go?"

The TikToker explained: "We're slowly trading out our 10 year old kitchen goodies for new, and very pink items."

"As I put away the new, I am removing the old," she said in her video.

But as Keep It Simple Sparkles points out "out with the old isn't so easy."

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Her simple one-month rule is her "combat tip" for when she hesitates about minimizing.

"I don't want to get rid of it because there is a fraction of a chance I may look at it again," said the TikToker.

To work around this, Keep It Simple Sparkles said she finds an "empty and out of sight place"to "store the items for one month."

She continued: "If during that month I need anything, I can always save it from the donation pile, but whatever I don't use gets donated."

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"That's a great way to use that space above the fridge," said one comment, referring to the TikToker's chosen hiding place.

"That's a great idea. Thanks, I will try this," wrote another user.

A third follower took inspiration from the video, commenting: "Proud of you! I'm doing this too."

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