I'm a prime catfish – people say I look like Leonardo DiCaprio without make-up… and a whole other person when I'm glam | The Sun

A WOMAN who has been described as a "prime catfish" is also told she looks like Leonardo DiCaprio when she's make-up free.

Kelly took to TikTok recently to share a video of one of her transformations, with one person writing in the comments section: "Okay, without make-up it's rough to look at.

"Def prime CATFISH for sure."

She responded with another clip, which began with her fresh faced and make-up free.

As she slathered on the make-up, she then showed herself fully glammed up, with gems in her hair and on her eyes.

People were quick to comment on the transformation, with multiple remarks insisting she looked like Leonardo DiCaprio when she was make-up free.

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"you look like Leonardo DiCaprio," one wrote.

"You're the lady version of Leonardo DiCaprio," another added.

"You look like a female version of a young Leo dicaprio," a third commented.

As someone else wrote: "You look like Leonardo dicaprio."

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Others insisted that she looked like an entirely different person when she had her make-up done.

"Look hahah don't get into your feelings if you look like a whole different person.. hahah," one wrote.

While tonnes told Kelly she looked far better without caking her face in make-up.

"You’re beautiful, you look so much better without make-up," one wrote.

"Beautiful with and without some ppl are so hateful and jel," another added.

"I felt your rage when you were doing this!" a third said.

"Ignore them haters, keep being a warrior."

"Prettier without the overdone make-up," someone else commented.

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"You are naturally beautiful!"

"Catfish? Lol some girls drastically change like this but you definitely don’t. Lol gorgeous before & after!" another insisted.

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