I'm a pregnant mum-of-six and my bump is so massive that no clothes fit me – I’m still weeks off my due date too | The Sun

AS she approaches the end of her pregnancy, Christina has doctors' appointments left, right and centre.

But one thing the mum-of-six is struggling with is trying to find clothes that will fit her and her enormous bump.

Christina took to TikTok to share a video of herself showing off her pregnancy belly, as she wrote: "Me trying to find a shirt that fits the belly for my doctors appointment tomorrow."

In the video, Christina tried on four separate tops – none of which could cover her stomach.

She concluded by throwing her hands up in the air in frustration.

"6 more weeks of growing, how much bigger will it get?!" she captioned her video.

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People in the comments section were quick to relate to Christina's predicament, with one writing: "I hated the no clothes fit stage- husband's shirts was a life saver."

"Right there with you. I wore my highest leggings yesterday to counteract," another added.

"I've been rotating the same three oversized T-shirts," someone else commented.

"I was walking around Walmart and realised my shirt was like half way up and no one told me."

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While others couldn't resist commenting on the size of Christina's bump.

"How many babies are in there?" one questioned.

"Holy crap, your poor back and you have 5 other kids?! You’re superwoman," another added.

"omgggggggg," a third laughed.

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