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A WOMAN who describes herself as a “crunchy mum” has revealed the six things she does that make her different to other parents.

By definition, a ‘crunchy mum’ is a mother who practices natural parenting or, as defined by some, a ‘neo-hippie.’

Crunchy mums are typically seen as taking a more holistic approach, as they choose unmedicated births, buy technology and plastic-free toys, eat organic and wrap babies in cloth nappies. 

One mother, Rachel Darling, took to social media to share the things she does which make her a “poor, crunchy mum.”

She said: “Things considered “crunchy” that we do because we’re poor.” 

The mother explained that her child shares her bedroom and sleeps in a recycled cot, as she noted: “Bedside nursery and husband’s old crib.”

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She then revealed that she doesn’t buy new nappies and instead makes her own “cloth diapering.”

As well as this, she claimed that she barely ever buys her child new clothes and instead has “99% thrifted and hand me down clothes.”

When it comes to her toddler’s bedroom, it is simply a mattress on the floor, as she revealed: 

“Minimalist toddler room and ‘Montessori’ mattress.”

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Not only this, but she also explained that she breastfeeds as not only is it “organic” but it’s free too.

She continued: “Breastfeeding to save on formula and it’s organic.

Finally, she revealed that she never buys her child toys and instead has “all hand me down toys or gifted.”

Rachel’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @astoldbyrachel1, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly racked up 4.8million views.

It has 442.6k likes, 3,727 comments, 3,868 saves and 885 shares. 

But many social media users flooded the comments, explaining that Rachel isn’t ‘crunchy’, she is just ‘smart.’ 

One person said: “Not crunchy, just smart.”

Another added: “I do all of these. Not crunchy or particularly poor. It’s smart decision making. They use it so little.”

A third commented: “I feel like this is financially conscious! You get it mama!”

Someone else posted: “100% thrifted or hand me down clothes is the way to go! They grow out of it so quickly anyway.”

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Whilst another shared: “Poor or not, it is way better to be using second hand clothes & toys especially at this age. They will outgrow everything so quickly!!”

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