I'm a plus-size cheerleader – I always get asked the same question but won't let bullies stop me | The Sun

THE crazy Q&A that some bigger-bodied cheerleaders go through has been revealed to the internet.

While she has admitted to being bullied, the video also showsshe continues to choose cheer despite criticism.

TikToker @thebalancedchick revealed in a recent video some of the unfair questions she gets asked as a plus size cheerleader, wearing her uniform and doing simple moves as the messages flashed across the screen.

First, she put on blast that people frequently ask her, "How did you make the team?"

Rolling her eyes through the use of emojis, she wrote "the same way everybody else did."

Next, she tells that inquiring minds seem to be obsessed with whether or not she can do flips.

"Of course not!" she wrote.

Going into even more invasive questions, the TikToker said that people are curious if she ever gets made fun of.

"Yes all the time but I love cheering and no one can break my spirit."

In the comments, cheer-loving TikTokers rejoiced at the idea that people should follow their joy regardless of obstacles like the beauty standards of others.

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"I'm trying out next week and this gives me so much more confidence," one wrote.

Another said that they are a plus size competitive cheerleader and they "love it" even though they "don't have the best confidence."

Concluding in solidarity, they said, "We need more girls like us out there too."

A comment asked the original poster if they are a flyer, one of the performers in cheer that gets tossed into the air by the others and often does multiple tricks before being catched by their squad members.

"I was not a flyer," the TikToker said, explaining that they were a backspot working to support the flyers because the cheerleaders getting thrown and caught weighed "98 lbs or less."

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