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IF you’re currently making endless lists about school uniforms and packed lunches, and struggling to sleep when thinking about leaving your little one at the school gates, you’re not alone. 

But now you can remove the natural panic a parent feels as they count down the days until their child starts school for the very first time and walks through the doors of their reception class. 

According to parenting expert Matt Buttery, who is CEO of a prenting programme called Triple P UK, the final few days before your child starts school is obviously a turbulent one – but there’s an easy three-step guide to help alleviate worry.

Here, not only does dad-of-four Matt reveal how easy it is to banish the dreaded nerves, but he also lifts the lid on how you and your mini-me can actually tackle it together – and make new friends in the process.

Matt, who has also fostered for over 10 years, exclusively tells Fabulous: “Parents may be worried about the impact the pandemic has had on their child’s development but feel unsure about asking for help. 

“Whether or not you have particular concerns, getting some positive support can help children and parents feel better! Here are some ideas to help parents prepare children to enjoy starting school so they can become confident and successful learners.” 

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  1. Talk about it

Matt says: “Communication is the key to a happy and healthy parent child relationship. So you could begin by asking your child how they’re feeling about starting school. 

“Tell them about your own positive memories of school. If your child has particular concerns, whether it’s making friends or not liking the food, help them think of some possible solutions.

“Try to answer questions honestly and familiarise them with what to expect – and check in regularly, particularly in those early weeks. 

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“On the way to and from school, at bath time, or over a meal may be good times to talk with your child. 

“It also helps to have good communication with your child’s school and teacher, so that you can work together to support your child.”

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2: Routine

Matt says: “Your child will learn lots of new things at school, and there will be changes at home, too, with new routines and things for them to do. 

“Help them ease into their new schedule with a regular bedtime and they’ll learn better the next day. 

“As you help them develop new skills, such as packing their bag the night before with everything they need, they’ll gradually become more independent and confident.”

3. Make friends together 

Matt says: “If you feel your child has missed out on social opportunities – like park and playgroup visits – you may also feel like your own support network is lacking. 

“Starting at a new school is a good opportunity to turn this around. 

“You may be able to volunteer to help supervise on outings, join the school parents’ association, or organise a coffee catch-up at a local café. 

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“Putting in the effort is worth it – you’ll be building a new network for yourself, and it can help your child make new friends too.” 

Sometimes, a little help in putting these in place makes all the difference. The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® offers tips and ideas for every family. You can choose what works for you and what you’d like to try. For more information, visit www.triplep-parenting.net  

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