I’m a mum-of-six and often give them freezer meals for dinner – I’m shamed for it but they’re still being fed | The Sun

A MUM has hit back at those criticising the "freezer meals" she makes for her kids' dinner, insisting that the children are "still being fed".

Emma took to TikTok to share a video of herself dishing up a meal for five of her six children.

In the clip, she plated up chicken dippers, potato pops and spaghetti hoops onto her kids' plates.

"Let's dish up dinner for my 5/6 kids," she wrote over the top.

"Freezer meals are still meals, children are still being fed."

"Let’s dish up my kids dinner," she added in her video caption.

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But people were divided in the comments section, with some shaming Emma for the dinner she gave her kids.

"Is it hard to cook a proper meal?" one raged.

"They probably are fed up of the same crap everyday.

"So unhealthy and not a great example – well done."

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"Have you heard of vegetables love?" someone else said.

"Don't like freezer food," another person commented.

"Yes children are still being fed that’s the main thing but where are the vegetables?"

"You can get a bag of peas for less then a quid."

"If you cook meals from scratch soo much cheaper," someone else wrote.

While others defended Emma, with one writing: "People are way too critical now.

"As long as they’re being fed what’s the problem.

"Not everyone has the time or money to make things from scratch."

"Can we please normalise freezer food not every parent has the time not the energy to make homemade meals every night," another said.

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