I’m a mum-of-four & stockpile my toiletries, my stash of loo roll is taller than me, trolls say it’s a waste of money | The Sun

A MUM-OF-FOUR has revealed how she stockpiles all of her toiletries to save cash – but trolls think it's a waste of money.

Rose, from the US, buys most of her toiletries at a discount thanks to couponing.

In one TikTok video, the mum, who is expecting her fifth child revealed she has a designated room for stockpiling toiletries, cleaning products and long-life foods.

In the clip, she showed her gigantic stash of toilet rolls which was taller than herself and took up an entire shelving unit.

Rose clapped back at trolls who said: "Having stockpiles is a waste. you'll must have more money than me."

But the savvy mum revealed it wasn't a waste as she never pays full price for the items – and even gets some for free.


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The self-titled extreme couponer said: "Because I coupon I'm able to score paper products for free or one to two dollars."

And it doesn't just stop at toilet roll, Rose revealed she often gets her laundry supplies for free and the max she pays is $3.

Rose showed off her collection of hygiene items as well, including rows of shower gel and toothpaste.

The mum also had a full closet full of different nappies for her children – which she also gets at a discount.

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She added that stocking up on this amount of goods doesn't just help her family but also her friends and others in need.

While some trolls may see it as a waste of money, there were plenty of people who agreed it was a good idea.

One wrote: "I just don’t understand how it could ever be a waste of money it’s not like it expires you will eventually use everything there. Where is the waste?"

Another commented: "As long as the items you're stockpiling dont have an expiration date… then its not a waste!"

A third penned: "WHY is a stockpile a waste? It's all necessity items that get used mostly on a daily basis."

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