I’m a mum-of-4, here are my best hacks for car rides & how I keep the seats immaculate

EVER get frustrated at how messy and chaotic your car is when you have kids?

A mum-of-four has revealed her four top tips for making car journeys more organised, and people have said they want to try them out in their own vehicles.

TikTok user @athomewithshannon uploaded her video with the caption: “My top 4 mum hacks for car rides.

“I hope they help YOU.”

Her first tip is to get a plastic food container and turn it into a mini bin for the car to prevent rubbish building up.

Next, she uses cupcake cases to keep the cup holders clean.

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Her next tip is key if your kids like bringing their toys and belongings in the car.

Shannon uses a hanging shoe organiser for the back of car seats.

She also showed how she brings a plastic caddy so her kids have their own snacks for the trip.

People were impressed with the hacks, with one saying: “So great!”

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